Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Custom bowties are designed to suit all your occasions

Bow ties have some mesmerizing features that they definitely draw the attention of people towards you. And also, they keep you clean as it is much harder to get stains on a bow tie due to food spilling as compared to a necktie. Each person has his own style definition. Being a Bow Tie guy surely means, that the person must also be having preferences for some particular fabric, shape or size. Custom bowties can be printed or woven, poly or silk. Many designers allow you to design your own unique custom bow tie which may bear your logo or some other customization as per your requirement.
Almost all the Custom bowties come with adjustable bands to allow easy adjustments, and so, they can be worn around the necks with different sizes. These normally range from 14 inches to 18 inches. They come with a sliding buckle for easy flexibility.
Styles of tying:
There are broadly two types of bow ties:
1. Already tied ones [also called pre – tied]
2. Tie – it – yourself ones [also called self – tied]
Both the types of Custom bowties come in different quality fabric. Printed poly, printed silk, woven poly, woven silk. The self – tied bow ties can be worn simply by tying on the neck each time and then can be removed also very easily by just untying the bow. The pre-tied ones are meant for people who face trouble tying their ties but are compelled to wear them. Such ties come with an adjustment band for adjusting the tie at the neck.


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