Monday, July 25, 2011


Customization refers to producing or manufacturing goods or products to cater to the particular requirement of an individual. These are custom made products to suit the need of the customer. The most commonly used products when customized make a distinct impression and help pull attention. Customization when coupled with branding adds dramatically to the marketing aspect of the brand. 

However, branding on a single unit of customized product is not a viable option. Hence, mass customization is a sought after solution for branding and marketing.
Mass customization help maintain a lower cost of manufacturing per unit of the product.

Customized and branded products stand distinctly against the commodity type products and are more attractive almost at the same price or a marginal price difference.

Customization with branding improves brand visibility and helps in brand recall.
Customized products are highly used as uniforms and also make a good give away item for employee appreciation, customer loyalty or simply as a good will.
Apparel Stuff R Us specializes in customization of 3 basic, everyday use products like shirts, ties and scarves.

Customization on shirts: Apparel Stuff R Us particularly works on customization of Hawaiian shirts. Poly is the most commonly use fabric for these Hawaiian shirts. The fabric makes these shirts easy to use as they don’t need ironing and are simply wash and wear shirts. The in-house designing team customizes a print for your shirts using your logo.
Customers prefer to enhance their customized shirts with customized/ matching bandanas.

Customization on ties: Apparel Stuff R Us manufactures custom neckties, custom ties bowties and custom clip-ons ties. Custom ties can be printed or woven.  The custom ties are made in either silk or polyester. Our artists will help you design a unique custom tie pattern utilizing your logo and/or theme with as many colors as desired.  

Customization on scarves: Apparel Stuff R Us makes custom scarves using the customer logo for designing. The custom scarves are made in either printed silk or printed polyester and available in any size desired.


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