Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A shirt, as we all know is a garment for the upper body. A shirt is probably the first known cloth garment to the human race. A Shirt is believed to have been discovered in 3000B.C. in Egypt. It was initially used as an undergarment by men with an outerwear such as sweaters, coats and jackets. It was an item of men's underwear until the twentieth century. A shirt is typically designed with basic parts such as the collar, sleeves with or without cuffs and a full vertical opening with buttons or snaps. 

This originally used undergarment is now the modern shirt. The various styles and fabrics used in shirts have evolved over time, from plain un-dyed fabrics and simple designs to vibrant colors and fancy designs. Initially shirts were crafted out of only natural fabrics like linen and cotton; today we see shirts made in variety of fabrics like polyester, viscose and other synthetic fabrics. Cotton remains the preferred fabric by most. Others prefer a mix of Polyester and Cotton (poly-cotton). In today’s modern world shirt is no more limited to use by men. Women also use shirts customized to the feminine requirements. It is believed that women began wearing shirts in 1860 in Europe and America.

A typical shirt originating in the Hawaiian region is known as the Aloha shirt or famously known as the Hawaiian shirt. This style of shirt is globally appreciated and is a premier textile export of the Hawaii manufacturing industry. Hawaiian shirts are printed, mostly short-sleeved, and collared with buttons on the front vertical opening. At times they are made with opening for buttons just down to the chest (pullover).
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Your LOGO and theme can be an all-over imprint on 100% Polyester, 100% Rayon or 100% Cotton custom made Hawaiian / Aloha Shirts.


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